Monday, September 22, 2014

Coddling? Pussification Of Males? Or Simple Love?

My son. :)
An article posted by one of the people on Facebook with who we both agreed to press the "Add Friend" button struck a bit of a chord with me.

It mentions that babies who "cry it out" remains stressed out even after they have finished crying.


No shit!!  Humans aren't born with advanced coping skills. Those develop over time.

I enjoyed every second I spent with my sons, no matter how late it was. I had a strong, incredible bond with them and, as a conservative, don't think I raised pussies. They are babies...not 4 year olds.

That's the age, IMO, where parents turn their kids into helpless idiots by not teaching responsibility, accountability and respect.

Holding one's 6 month old son or daughter at night thereby giving them some comfort is hardly's one of the greatest things I've had the privilege of doing and know that if I provided some relief to my son, I did no harm.

There are worse things we can do to our children than holding them while they cry.

When I knew one of them was crying *just* to have me come sit with him, I would scale it back...sometimes. I believe it's the moral things we teach our kids, like I mentioned above, that turns them into the screaming, entitled little assholes we see all over the place.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Flamers Bible [rec.humor.funny]

I spent my Sunday watching Star Trek this morning (loved it), the Patriots early in the afternoon and now Star Trek: Into Darkness after the game.

I spent most of the (decidedly boring) Patriots game distracted by a trip down memory lane, that "lane" being USENET. Anyone over the age of, say, 35 that was a moderate to heavy computer user in the mid 90s who was not an AOL user has a vivid, probably melancholy memory of life on the small "i" internet before The September That Never Ended, (look here too).

Life, then, was full of colorful little B1FFs talking amongst each other with the Mike Corleys and Alexander Abians of the world.  Hipcrime, Gharlane of Eddore and John C. Baez were all there, too...watching Richard The St00pid's explosive BI, keeping an eye on the Crackpot Index expand like it was the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted list and making damn sure our .sig files were 4 lines or less.

We carefully maintained killfiles, dodged cancel bots and flamewars. We watched in amazement the advancement of binary groups and thought for sure they would bring about the end of everything.

This one's for you, Edmond Wollmann. You Shooting Star you.

The Flamers Bible [rec.humor.funny]

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chris Bachalo Is Awesome

I've always enjoyed Bachalo's artwork.  It's "messy" but it's very crisp and detailed.  There's a shit-ton of character in his work and his figures are brought to life in a way like no other.

One of my favorite Marvel Universe characters is Noh-Varr, aka Mar-Vell, Marvel Boy, aka Protector.

Don't mind Bullseye being the D-Bag that he is.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Steam, Half Life 2, Portal And This New Thing, Raptr

Raptr is a new (to me) game platform that allows you to do all sorts of cool new stuff. It adds some achievements, in-game HUD for posting messages, watching videos and a whole bunch of new tricks.

All sorts of customizable forum signatures that you can create for your online presence:

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Ultimate Top 10 Hottest Women Alive

Charisma Carpenter
Giada De Laurentiis
Halle Berry
Sara La Fountain
Sara La Fountain because she deserves two
Stacey Dash
Zoe Saldana

Sofia Vergara
Alyssa Millano

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Seriously...I'm losing my desire to continue.

A bit of feeback would go a long way...


I Can't Stand Seeing My Friends Share These Fake News Websites Anymore

I love a lot of people I've met here, on Facebook and through friends of mutual friends...

But I can no longer allow myself to be associated with these pap-fed sheep that post fake news articles because it has a headline they so desperately want to be true in order to facilitate their victim-hood and race-card score-keeping.

I am and always have been willing to discuss race with rational people that know the facts, the realities of this dire situation and their ability to understand fact from fiction...but this fake new BS is growing exponentially.

I can no longer sit by and be associated with these folks here. It destroys my time to come here and talk comics, movies, the occasional politics and overall, share funny picture of animals and babies doing stupid things.

The discussion we so badly need on race is being undermined by click-bait, false news some of these people want, NAY, NEED to be true in order to keep their black hearts filled with hatred.

This week I have seen this happen

I cannot stand by, I've tried to point out that this is fake, using you, dividing us and doing EVERYTHING to avoid a true discussion on our race relations...and reach a point where we can come together as Morgan Freeman put it: "I don't see you as a White man, I see you as Chris Wallace. I hope you see me as Morgan Freeman, not a Black Man"

I cannot do your homework anymore...I'm sorry to lose you as a Facebook friends but your ignorance, willful or not, has overridden my desire to cherish you as a Facebook friend and member of future dialogs about our condition and debts to one another, not just one group's debt but our debt to America and to each other to be of one...of one to another.

Some of the most recent examples this week include the following:

Jindal says in order to stop racism, minorities need to act like white people.
Food available in China...yes, that is a human foot. -Missy B

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some Website Redesign

I cleaned up some of the coding behind the scenes and added some features to the blog. Not many of them are really noticeable, the new banner image probably being the most visible.

Do you like the new design?