Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knee Surgery ≠ Fun Times

So when I was 15 I was skiing, caught an edge on the lip of a jump and started to rotate a bit in midair...when I landed I landed with 4 torn ligaments.

2 years later, I was playing basketball and hyper-extended my knee and tore my ACL.

A few years later while horsing around with a friend, I lost my balance and tore my ACL. Yeah, again.

All the same leg, by the way.

3 years ago while on my Brother-In-Law's batchelor party we were white water rafting on the Kennebec and Dead Rivers (yes, the river is called "The Dead River") in Maine. If you've ever been white water rafting you know you need to keep one leg "locked" into the horizontal seat type thing in front of you in order to brace yourself. As you can see from some of those pictures, these are some very rapid...uhm....rapids. It was chaos.

My Brother-In-Law's boat even went ass over and dumped everyone into the water. Our boat got stuck in one of those swirling vacuums of death for a few minutes. I'm not a fan of water/swimming to begin with so I was pretty on edge.

Anyway...we're going alone and hit a pretty nasty bump. The kid that was sitting to my right bounced into the air and landed smack dab on top of my knee.

Guess what? Yep, torn meniscus.

So I'm in the midst of physical therapy which is not fun.

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