Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Toys!

I love when the Big Brown Truck stops in front of my house. It usually means some goodies have arrived. Today it was my 3.75" Hellboy figures. These guys are great. Incredibly detailed they've made a nice addition to my shelf. Yeah, I'm a dork. I kind of wish the package had Abe Sapien but it does include the current head of the B.P.R.D.'s Ectoplasmic Research division, Johann Kraus - who's just awesome.

The Liz Sherman figure is well done and she comes with a sidearm and some fire you can put in her hands. They even included the cross around her neck and her "shiny belt" she offered the goblin in Hellboy II. Dressed in all black with some nice boots, she's quite the looker.

Poor Mr. Wink the cave troll. If it wasn't for that retractable arm he may not have gotten ground to bits. But his figure is intact here. He comes with said retractable fist that dangles down or a you can pop in his fist normally. With some leg armor and the waist armor through which HB had a tough time doing any damage and a nice belt with the seal from the boxes that contained the Carcharadon Carcharias, or "Tooth Fairies".

All in all this was a great purchase. Mazco Direct

Last but not least is Red himself. Not looking a day over 80 or 20 or whatever it is in reverse dog years, he's sporting some nice boots, the stylish trench-coat, chiseled horns and a scowl sure to frighten anyone but Liz Sherman. He's got a pistol holder for The Samaritan. And contrary to Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Hellboy's Red Right Hand is not hidden in his coat.

So, I've got these guys on my shelf right next to my computer with my other geek toys, most notably my Stickfas Black and White Ninjas embroiled in their never-ending feud. You can click on each picture for a bigger version.

As for Mezco Toys: they couldn't have been better.  Professionally shipped they came faster than I could say "Clear off a spot on my desk".  Their website is great and one could get lost digging through the amazing collection of hard to find, unique and downright cool stuff they have there.  On one purchase they earned a lifetime customer.


  1. The Hellboys toys are cool, but your taste in music is better! Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Rush rock!!!

  2. I got more new toys. I'll be posting pics of them once I post about my day at the Boston Comic-Con today.

    Got some gems!


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