Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boston Comic-Con Was A Blast

Well, the wife and I went to the Boston Comic-Con yesterday...well, more like dragged my wife along with me.

Met some of my favorite artists and writers and got some of my gems signed. First and most important was Herb Trimpe signing my G.I. Joe #1, Yearbook #1 and Wolverine Origins Bluray. I asked him what he thought of his character today and how he's been treated. He said that his Wolverine disappeared when they took the yellow spandex off him...basically when he became an X-Men. Overall he was a good sport about signing it, though.

Geof Darrow signed my Big Guy And The Rusty Robot, he was very nice. Even drew a little dragon inside on the index page.

Mike McKone signed my Suicide Kings #1 and #2 and Punisher #1-#6.

Then I got to watch Tim Sale sketch someone a Batman and Batwoman with inks and it came out absolutely amazing. When he was finished he signed my Daredevil: Legends and Superman For All Seasons. Sale's line for customs was filled within minutes of the doors being opened. I was lucky to have gotten my books signed he was so busy. But he was really nice about it.

I also picked up Boodika and Terminator figures recently. Boodika's face comes off and she has her Alpha Lantern face underneath. And that Terminator figure is amazing. Nice and heavy in the the hand, super detailed and looks great.

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