Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Books Added To My Pull List

In my effort to rid my comic shopping of Joe Q. I've added a few more books to my weekly pull list.

Today's pick-ups were:

Absolution #2 - This book is great. No wishy-washy, touchy-feely costumed vigs here. Dusk does what needs to be done. And he feels good about it.

North 40 #4 - Last weeks issue was a little off the wall, but it's a great title none-the-less. We'll see what happens. Oh, and the artist, Fiona Staples, is a kick-ass artist with an ultra original style, really cool and really cute.

Crossed #7 - This story slowed a bit last two issues. But I'm a sucker for zombies and Avatar books. This is the finale of the current story arc, so I'm expecting lots of zombie attacks.

Deadpool #16 - One of the Marvel books I still enjoy.

Days Missing #2 - This book has such an intriguing, original concept I absolutely love it.

Cable #19 - Yes, it's got Joe Q. stain on it...but I don't think he has much input in this title. Cable is always a character that intrigued me and it's good to see him being handled pretty well, IMO, in this latest run.

Haunt #1 - Kirkman. Nuff said.

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