Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Earns His Nobel

While busy distracting the American public with a manufactured "health care crisis", Obama earned himself a Nobel. Hot off the heels of cutting funding to a watchdog group that concentrates on human rights atrocities in Iran, the powers that be bestowed upon our Commander In Chief an honor of which Yasser Arafat would be proud.

Thanks to Muslims Against Sharia for the info. I would have posted this information from FOX News, but as we all know any news from them is fake and made up ::cough:: Dan Rather ::cough::.

Just as you were unable to find much coverage of the Van Jones story and the ACORN tapes in the Main Stream Media, I'm sure you won't be seeing Obama's latest disgusting move.

Though, you'll hear plenty of his Nobel award, I'm sure. He is, after all, our Savior.

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