Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 10 Bullseye Moments - #9

In Bullseye: Greatest Hits Agents Baldry and Hoskins grill a jailed Bullseye about some missing plutonium.

In the course of this interrogation Bullseye toys with the agents, telling them some sob story about his horrible, abusive upbringing and the events that led to his brother's death. One of the agents thinks he's got Bullseye by the short hairs and that Bullseye is on the verge of confessing everything.

Before striking their final, decisive blow that will obviously lead to their amazing promotions Bullseye continues to tell about his upbringing. One particular instance in his yarn is how he wanted to use his amazing skills at throwing objects to pursue a career as a Major League pitcher.

During one game, Bullseye had a no-hitter going...but he grew bored of it. He had one pitch left before closing out his no-hitter when he decided to bean the batter, killing him, just to "have a little fun".

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