Friday, December 18, 2009

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Again, I'm late to the game on most things like this. I tend to not watch much television, I am pretty sure TV is nothing but Law and Order reruns and CSI * reruns.

I watched a show called a few years back called "The Shield" and thought it was the cream of the crop. Loved the Sopranos and now, I'm addicted to Lost. I hope I don't end up getting disappointed, with some kind of preachy ending to it all but my wife and I just finished up Season 2. The coming snowy weekend is going to be dedicated to a Lost, Season 3 marathon.

Consider my mind officially blown.

I hope it remains escapist entertainment (I'm willing to put aside the moral relativism the show seems to operate on...for now).

But check out this clip after the jump for more on my distaste of Law and Order

Of course, MO of the left is to shoot the messenger and say "OMG Fox News?!? They are fake and biased!!".

How Angie Harmon and Fred Thompson managed to stay on that show for any length of time without going completely insane.

You see, readers...everything is biased. If you think that NBC (Grand Leftist Station), CBS and ABC don't have a bias you need wake up and smell the sulfur. All of these stations are biased, but you just don't happen to agree with FOX's bias, so you attempt to discredit them. I don't agree with the bias stations like CBS and NBC rely upon for their brand of reporting, but they are news agency none-the-less.

Anyway, I digress. Lost is seriously kicking my philosophical arse. What great programming. Now, find a way to get Alicia Witt stuck on the island and I can die a happy man.

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