Friday, December 18, 2009

To Siege Or Not To Siege, That Is the Question.

I had had it up to here with Dark Reign. I also got really excited about Blackest Night only to have it fizzle out when A) They were just zombies B) It was spread out through too many different titles.

I faithfully bought Dark Avengers waiting to see when Norman Osborne was going to flip, and it seemed like I was being strung along. So I stopped buying. Then comes along issue 10 and 11 where Osborne and Hand gets a big doses of humility thanks to Molecule Man.

So, are we now on the precipice of Osborne's collapse? I'll read the Siege storyline, going against my vow to not read Joe Q. and his crusade against all things Bush and Conservative.

With Marvel and Joe Q's lips firmed suctioned to the buttocks of Barrack Hussein Obama I'm interested to see how they dig themselves out of this hole.

After all, it's just the "illusion of change", right? I find it odd that those of us that haven't drunk Kool-Aid Obama is feeding us about change are only able to find conservative values and lesson in mostly fantasy movies (Lord Of The Rings, The Dark Knight, Hellboy, and Iron-Man) and are also comic book fans, find ourselves polluted in leftist propaganda. Which is why I tend to read creator-owned titles that are there for entertainment (Absolution, Days Missing, Haunt, etc) and avoid Joe Q. and his "message".

So I guess it's just out of some morbid curiosity that I'll be reading the Siege storyline, to see how Marvel paints themselves out of this corner.

Other a more upbeat note, I'll be doing a top 10 Bullseye moments list over the course of the next few days/weeks.

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