Friday, November 13, 2009

Randomize Files

So yesterday I was trying to figure out how to randomize a large group of .mp3 files to put on a thumb drive to listen to in my car.

I figured out a bit of a way.

First, add all the songs you want to be able to listen to into the Winamp queue. Go to "Sort" and then pick "Randomize List". Do it again for good measure.

Then you can use one of Winamp's built-in plugins: Disk Writer. It's right there under Options > Preferences > Output. Click the configure button and choose to save them as "CD Quality".

This will, unfortunately, write them as .wav files so you need to add another step. But that comes later.

Press Play on Winamp and wait until it's finished. With Disk Writer, you won't hear anything and songs play at about 10x the regular speed - so if you have an hours worth of music, it's not going to take an hour to write out the wav files, just a few minutes.

For turning them back into mp3s, my solution was this perfectly free download called WAV to MP3 Encoder 2.5. It does just that, and only no learning curve, no enhanced HUG or GUI here. Drag some wavs, out come some mp3s at whichever bitrate you desire.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Wall

Just wanna show these off. My two crown jewels.

No, not those two crown jewels, you pervert. My two favorite comics!

Click the pic for bigger goodness.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Like Shuffle, Without The I-Pod

So my car has a USB port in it's center console. Which rocks considering I moved forward about 3 steps.

The last car I had was an 80 something pickup truck with a tape deck in it.

Now my car has a CD player that can read data discs, meaning I load it up with mp3s files and it can play those, as opposed to having to burn an audio cd.

And even better still, is that pretty little USB port. Add an 8GB thumb drive and you've got yourself plenty of tunes.

This is very nice, indeed. However, one drawback is that it plays the files in order. There is on shuffle or random button on the radio like Winamp has, so I have to take my eyes of the road to change things up a bit.

If I could figure out how to randomize the files before putting them on the thumb drive that would be great.

Not that anyone in the entire world is reading this, but I'd love to hear some ideas.