Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Avoid MyComicShop.com At All Costs

The cowards from a site that shall remain unnamed didn't like this post very much, and made some pretty stupid comments (anonymously, of course...because they're cowards) so I decided to stick it to the top. The saying about everything being bigger in Texas is true, especially the morons.

Update: More folks sharing their amazing customer service experiences with these guys.  Let's hear some more.  There are so many honest comic sellers out there, it's a shame that big sites like this would take even a SINGLE customer from those honest folks.

The "If-You-Disagree-With-Obama-You're-A-Racist" Rant Of The Day

Last Monday, the beauty you see to your left likened those that oppose this healthcare bill to those that opposed free slaves.

It's almost a weekly occurrence now, that if one doesn't agree with Obama one is a racist.

Moronic, mooonbat, desperate, race-baiting, fear-mongering, self-loathing comments after the jump.


To the Maureen Dowds and Harry Reids and all the other like-minded people of the world: You are the racists.

You make these statements on the shameful assumptions that African-Americans are too stupid to understand anything and that your fellow self-loathing white Democrats believe you to, because they're absolutely petrified to be called a racist.

So, you exploit this and use it to your advantage to grab their votes. You take complex subjects like this, when public support is failing, and inject race. You hope that any of your constituents out there are dumb enough to believe you.

You are the racists, you are the exploiters.

It's "O"fficial

I'd say we're now being led by the worst president in American history. Barack Obama.

Funny video after the jump.