Friday, December 18, 2009

Help Me Out Here

I've got two shelves with some of my favorite action figures resting on it.

Each shelf is 35.8 inches in length. I'd like to add some blue LED rope lighting to the bottom of each shelf to provide some kind of atmosphere.

Can anyone recommend something in this area? Most of what I've got in Amazon has been too long. I'm willing to buy it if it's too long, if it's easily trimmed to fit along the 35 and half inch shelf but don't want anything dangling down.

Iron Man 2 Trailer Officially Online

'Nuff said.

Before I Forget...

I do alot of shopping for comics at CCL (Comic Collector Live).

In my experience two sellers have gone above and beyond simply "selling comic books".

One of these, I've already mentioned is Mike over at Alpha Comics. This guy is awesome, he really enjoys what he's doing, and doing business with someone that loves comics as much as I do makes it all worth it.

The other is Don at Curious Goods & Comics II. Prices are about as fair as they come and he's always willing to work with you to help you out with an issue you might be missing.

One part of me doesn't want anyone else buying up comics from these guys, because that means less for me. But for what they've done for me, the easy and clear-cut choice is to give these guys props.

Buying comics online can be pretty intimidating for the new-comer. You'll ask things like "It says NM, but is it really?". With these guys, if they put a grade on a book, it might as well be scripture. They know what they're doing.

So here's to you two guys.

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Again, I'm late to the game on most things like this. I tend to not watch much television, I am pretty sure TV is nothing but Law and Order reruns and CSI * reruns.

I watched a show called a few years back called "The Shield" and thought it was the cream of the crop. Loved the Sopranos and now, I'm addicted to Lost. I hope I don't end up getting disappointed, with some kind of preachy ending to it all but my wife and I just finished up Season 2. The coming snowy weekend is going to be dedicated to a Lost, Season 3 marathon.

Consider my mind officially blown.

I hope it remains escapist entertainment (I'm willing to put aside the moral relativism the show seems to operate on...for now).

But check out this clip after the jump for more on my distaste of Law and Order

Top 10 Bullseye Moments - #10

So, one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe is Bullseye. I collect issues that have him on the cover and Daredevil #131 is one of my pride and joys. Something I've often though about is collecting all the books in which he appears in chronological order. That task is daunting, but I think it's something worth doing.

Anyway, lets start this countdown with one of Bullseye's most famous and important scenes, shall we?

Daredevil issue #131 is his first appearance so it's only fitting that the first entry in this Top Ten List be his first issue.. Here we see Lester overcome with the idea of beating on DD, but with an audience. I've added the emphasis on "with an audience" because it's a theme we'll see repeated throughout Bullseye's actions from here on out, unless the situation and overall goal of what he's trying to accomplish dictates otherwise.

Bullseye is an intriguing character, IMO. As get deeper into this list we'll see the sides of him that I outlined above. His need to have "an audience" and when he operates from the sidelines. I'll do my best to explain why he chose each particular MO. I'll also try to explain why he has these shifts in MO, it's usually dictated by those around which he's surrounded himself.

To Siege Or Not To Siege, That Is the Question.

I had had it up to here with Dark Reign. I also got really excited about Blackest Night only to have it fizzle out when A) They were just zombies B) It was spread out through too many different titles.

I faithfully bought Dark Avengers waiting to see when Norman Osborne was going to flip, and it seemed like I was being strung along. So I stopped buying. Then comes along issue 10 and 11 where Osborne and Hand gets a big doses of humility thanks to Molecule Man.

So, are we now on the precipice of Osborne's collapse? I'll read the Siege storyline, going against my vow to not read Joe Q. and his crusade against all things Bush and Conservative.

With Marvel and Joe Q's lips firmed suctioned to the buttocks of Barrack Hussein Obama I'm interested to see how they dig themselves out of this hole.

After all, it's just the "illusion of change", right? I find it odd that those of us that haven't drunk Kool-Aid Obama is feeding us about change are only able to find conservative values and lesson in mostly fantasy movies (Lord Of The Rings, The Dark Knight, Hellboy, and Iron-Man) and are also comic book fans, find ourselves polluted in leftist propaganda. Which is why I tend to read creator-owned titles that are there for entertainment (Absolution, Days Missing, Haunt, etc) and avoid Joe Q. and his "message".

So I guess it's just out of some morbid curiosity that I'll be reading the Siege storyline, to see how Marvel paints themselves out of this corner.

Other a more upbeat note, I'll be doing a top 10 Bullseye moments list over the course of the next few days/weeks.

Pretty Neat Flikr Album

I'm not usually one that thinks I'm political because I made a witty protest sign, or load my car up with bumper stickers.

Like a year or so ago, the trendy leftist thing to support was "Free Tibet". These bumper stickers were everywhere, but I often found myself wondering what these people did, other than order their bumper sticker online to actually, you know...FREE TIBET!

Of course, these are the same people that condemn the country in which they live for "meddling in international affairs" and "infringing upon other country's sovereignty".

But these Tea Party folks have inspired me. Check out some of their interesting signs: