Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top 10 Bullseye Moments - #8

This one's a pretty bad one, he is really, really not a nice fella.

Hired by Mephisto to kidnap a baby, Bullseye runs into some heavy resistance in the form of Daredevil and Karen Page.

We see an awesomely drawn battle which ends when Karen, attempting to help Daredevil, is struck and killed with Daredevil's own billy club. Another woman in Daredevil's life that takes a less than desirable turn.

Bullseye is absolutely vicious in this story arc (Guardian Devil). That first run in the second Daredevil volume is one of my all time favorites. The Joe Quesada art (he honestly should have stuck to drawing), the Kevin Smith writing...these 8 books are utterly beautiful to look at and like I said, remain to this day one of my favorite runs.

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