Monday, January 18, 2010

I Never Thought I'd See The Day

It's a great day to be a resident of the kookiest, moonbat-filled, lefty state in the Union. Tomorrow we get to elect a representative that is going to actually do what the voters want: help destroy this disgusting health care bill and slow the massive destruction of American values and help begin a counter-offensive against the internal attack on Americans launched and led by this repulsive presidential administration.

The irony is simply delicious. A state that is so blindly devoted to the left and to socialism is finding itself in position to become the devastating upper-cut to the chin of this non-American "president" and his destructive policies.

And let me tell you first hand, there does not exist a bigger clueless voting population than the one that currently resides in Massachusetts. They whine and whine and whine and complain and complain and complain about the state and how poorly it's run. Yet they continue to vote the very people that do their best day in and day out to eradicate the American way. People like Barney Frank (seen to the right, with friend in hand)...and Mumbles Menino...and anyone with the last name Kennedy.

They elect lawyers and career politicians who've neither worked a day in their lives, nor served their country in any capacity outside of running for some elected position. These Massachusetts pols are soft on criminals and hard on victims and tax-payers.

My fellow state-citizens go and vote for these people, then grouse that nothing is changing. This state is absolute and exhaustive in its ignorance.

Sunday, our Indonesian born president said the following: "Understand what's at stake here Massachusetts. It's whether we're going forward or going backwards..." Oh, we do Mr. President, we do.

So, in closing...never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever find myself able to utter the following: Ted Kennedy actually did something that helped America.

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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Don't forget to vote tomorrow!!


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