Friday, January 22, 2010

It's No Wonder, Really

The other day, Hugo Chavez claimed that the United States caused the Haitian earthquake by using our 'Earthquake Weapon' in a test for our 'upcoming showdown with Iran'.

So is it any wonder why so many countries hate us and think we're the one's responsible for all their suffering? That the US is to blame for their widespread famine and poverty and not their leaders who steal UN supplies and/or aid? When their so called "governments" shelter their citizens from any outside news sources and only tell them what they want to tell them, the people never learn the truth. So it comes at no surprise to me that these Middle Eat countries have children growing up willing to strap bombs onto their bodies and walk into crowded areas to commit mass murder.

What does come as a surprise to me, is that this kind of thinking is seeping into our own society. Colleges and Universities are staffed by lunatic, progressive activists that preach anti-American propaganda and some of the kids eat it right up because they think it's cool their new professor has a ponytail or looks like he might smoke pot, too.

And the biggest surprise of all is that this kind of thinking is making it's way into the White House. We have a president willing to surround himself with people like Van Jones, pictured below, a 9/11 truther. Before Van Jones was rightly tossed from his Czar position Obama saw no red flags in his vetting of Jones. Or, scarier, did he see green flags?

Or Jeremiah Wright of the famous "God DAMN America!"

Or Ron Bloom, an Obama staffer that enjoys reading and quoting Mao: "political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun".

Or, the 'best of the best' in Obama's eyes. William Ayers, the owner of the house in which hosted the kick-off for Obama's Senate bid. Ayers claims, 'I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough''

These are the people that have our 'president's' ear. These are the people with whom he chooses to surround himself. It's no surprise that the same kind of anti-American sentiment that fuels the Hugo Chavez' of the world is making it's way, not only into the colleges and upper-education halls of America but into the very White House itself. The very house people like and Ronald Reagan sat and worked for the American people and our way of life. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt

Make no mistake...please. The American way of life is under direct militant attack. It stems from the radical, over-educated lifetime students that call themselves 'professors' to the very people meandering around the White House halls.

So back to the Hugo Chavez' of the world. I can almost understand the citizens of these countries developing a hate for us and our country...they simply don't know any better and they are purposely left in the dark.

But when it comes to the people that live in this country, and have access to the same resources and samefreedoms we have still develop the same kind of vitriolic hate Obama staffers have.

It's scary.

Parents, please do your best to counter the hate that I assure you is being indoctrinated to our children.

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