Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just For Kicks

Riding the crest of the high from last night's victory against the Obama administration I woke up this morning feeling a bit...larkish.

There's a store around New England called Newbury Comics. They sell comics, movies, music, stupid ironic T-Shirts and lots of geeky toys. I like a lot of the stuff there, for the most part it's where I buy my action figures.

However, as you can probably imagine - the stores are usually garrisoned by, shall we say...people that aren't very conservative. Needless to say: Obama voters.

The store is usually stocked with anti-Bush bumper stickers and T-shirts, as well as life sized cardboard cutouts of Obama and Michelle Obama...I usually have to swallow hard and walk past the Obama shrines to get to the comic book or action figure section.

Anyway, like I said, I was feeling a bit larkish. So I called a few of these stores mostly the ones in places like Cambridge, Newton, Hyannis and Amherst (kook towns) and told them I was looking for a specific bumper sticker.

Weird, but none of the stores had one available but I did glean a bit of satisfaction knowing the clerk had to type that into his or her computer looking for my request.

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