Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Money For Our Problems

  • updated Sunday, Jan 31 @ 8:30am.
I want Barney Frank exposed. He's a fraud that has caused irreparable damage to our country. People like Barney Frank are no less dangerous to this country than that weirdo that tried to blow-up his underwear. Unfortunately, he'll be re-elected. Because the morons that voted for Obama are the same morons that have no idea

A) Who Barney Frank is
B) How Barney Frank caused the economic crisis we're in now
C) Will vote for Barney Frank again

I live in MA, I was proud a few days ago. I am now back to being ashamed.

Ashamed of the fellow morons that surround me.

I am sorry America.

I truly am. This state is the front-runner in destroying this country...and I live here.

I really don't know what else to say but I'm sorry.

One person (that I know of) has had the testicular fortitude to take Frank head on and question his resposibilty in this mess...and that person was Bill O'Reilly.

Read the transcript and watch the video after the jump. During all of Frank's mumbling, interrupting and attempting to change the argument remember that this man is an elected Congressman for Massachusetts' 4th district.

Ready for it??

Since 1981! That is approaching 30 years! Ted Kennedy, who did nothing but cause the death of an innocent woman, was in office for 46 years!!

The same idiots that vote these people in all the time are the same idiots I have to listen to daily, complain about how poorly run the state is. Unreal.

Anyway, onto the video and transcript.

Oh, and just for you-know-what's and giggles, here's a video of Frank out there mixing it up with his constituency. We're below him, how dare we question his actions? Who are we? We work in mills and factories and have dirt under our fingernails...what could we possibly know about living in this country?

He's Barney Eff-ing Frank! Treat him with some respect, will you??

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