Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Is A Wikipedia Free Zone

For a long time I've noticed that Wikipedia leans, uhm, a bit to the left. To quote

Wikipedia smears conservative groups with prominent "Criticism and controversy" sections,[51] usually featuring name-calling by obscure groups, but Wikipedia flatters liberal groups by downplaying what it euphemistically entitles as "Controversial stances."
Some examples"

Rahm Emauel doesn't even have a section called "controversies" or even something that would remotely suggest he isn't the right hand of God Himself. And believe me folks, this guy is pure evil.

Ann Coulter is just an author, but they spare no time in smearing her. They start their very first paragraph with a bunch of garbage. They then go on to dedicate entire sections of her "biography" meant to do nothing more than anger liberals and the uninformed.

My blood dang near boils when I see it's Wikipedia's annual fundraiser time, where ivory tower and limousine liberals from all around the world
American Blue Statesdonate money and leave haughty notes for the rest of us to read such as,

"I feel my donation is a donation to freedom. The freedom I hereby grant to future generations to exchange ideas in a non-hostile (ed. ROFL), nurturing environment. A place that will someday, with the guidance and generosity of those like myself, find itself the epicenter of a New World. A World with no borders, no color or gender differences and a World who takes its lead from wonderous (sic) leaders like the current President of the United States, Barack Obama."
I feel like puking.

So, I henceforth declare this blog to be a Wikipedia free zone. No links will be to Wikipedia, and I ask other blogs do the same.

There is an abundance of credible websites out there that have information other than Wikipedia. In fact, I used them in this very post.

They range from experts to the hobbyist. I think it would be a great idea to give some of the credit to other hard-working people out there attempting to share their information with us.


  1. One of the best contrast articles between Wiki- and Conservapedia is that of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

  2. It's a worthy effort, and others have tried similar things. It's an uphill battle, though. Wikipedia has a lot of good material on non-contriversial subjects, but where bias can seep in, it does, and not in the right way.


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