Sunday, January 17, 2010

Top 10 Bullseye Moments - #7

This selection comes from the 1987 volume of The Punisher. Rosalie Carbone is trying, in vain, to kill Frank and Micro's son, Linus Jr.

Failing to get the job done with her usual squad of goons, she meets with our friend Bullseye who's more than happy to do some work.

She meets with Bullseye in issue 101, but in issue 102 is where he starts his rampage, as seen above.

Military snipers talk about what's called "One shot, one kill" the handyman's equivalent of "Measure twice, cut once" but with much, much higher stakes than your kids treehouse.

Bullseye enters a room, smoking a butt by the way (I really wish Marvel and DC brought smoking back) and makes 5 shots and 5 kills, but then says he actually missed one shot.

He says he was aiming for one of the goon's left eyes, but hit his right eye by mistake.

That's some badass wetwork right there folks.

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