Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alexander Haig

I usually leave my weekends for doing chores around the house, watching movies with my wife, reading comics, playing with the dog or generally enjoying the freedoms I have. I tend to leave politics alone, saving it for the week of political talk around the water cooler at work.

I would never try to attribute or give the credit for those freedoms to a single person but every once in a while a single person did do a great deal to afford this county's citizens her freedoms.

The Joe Stacks of the world think our government has failed them in some way. When you rely on the government to provide for you, as is the communist's or socialist's ideal then, yes, the United States government is going to fail you. The government is not in place to provide. It is in place to protect. The government didn't fail Joe Stack, Joe Stack failed his country.

Most people know this, which is why this country has roundly defeated socialism whenever it has tried to get back up again. Which is why this current administration will come and go like the passing fad it is.

Were it not for the Alexander Haig's of the country, the Joe Stacks of the country would be living their happy, government provided lives.

It is a drastic shame that Joe Stack tried to inflict maximum damage to others when he, allegedly, packed fuel canisters in his little Cesna (which I personally can't afford, can you?). It's a shame, too, that Joe Stack took someone with him on his way out. We saw a loon have a tantrum because he wasn't getting what he wanted, like a two year old.

Thank goodness 2 year-olds can't fly planes because we'd have acts like that on a daily basis.

Good riddance, Joe Stack. May your ilk decide to just jump off bridges alone the next time they don't get what they want.

R.I.P. Alexander Haig.

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