Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Almost Done

So, I decided to read two titles all the way back before Marvel's Secret Invasion event. It makes a little more sense the second time around.

The two titles were Avengers: The Initiative and Thunderbolts.

I had gotten back into comics recently because I wanted to rebuild a long lost G.I. Joe collection. When I jumped back in, I hadn't read a comic in years...and it was smack dab in the middle of Secret Invasion. Some of the characters that were relatively unknown to me are now somewhat familiar.

I felt those two titles were most central to the Secret Invasion story line and once I saw that Siege was cutting a path through Avengers: The Initiative I decided on the above mentioned re-read. It's been fun, totaling individual books. I had a few TPBs to use but now I'm almost finished and I'm reading individual issues of each title without a TPB.

I have a hardcover copy of Avengers: The Initiative vol. 3 which has some amazing artwork by Harvey Montecillo Tolibao, Steve Kurth, colorists Matt Milla, Jay David Ramos and Chris Sotomayor. Those issues in between 15 and 20 are some of my favorite books. In my opinion the artwork is astounding and I really enjoyed those particular issues.

I didn't plan on buying the hard-cover, I think it was an accident but I'm glad I have it. There's some pivotal stuff in those issues and it's drawn accordingly.

Anyway, I'll finish up this line just in time to read Siege. I've been buying the issues but everything is a bit backlogged because of my "project".

I hope Siege lives up to it, if not I really can't see any other option but to quit Marvel for good.

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