Monday, February 8, 2010

Basil's Blog: Son of Bob explains it all

Basil's Blog: Son of Bob explains it all was recently wowed, and rightfully so, by some recent comment kung-fu.

I was recently wowed by a blog comment as well, however I have since lost the link. I was wowed in the opposite way he was.

A commenter on some liberal blag was so enraged by Scott Brown's rush to be seated saying Brown is "in the bag" for the Republicans.

When will liberals get it? Brown wants to do what the people that voted for him want...and he wants to do it quickly. He wants to block the health care bill. We want to block the healthcare bill. Scott Brown is doing what we want. He is an elected politician doing what he told his constituency he would do.

That is a concept liberals cannot even wrap their heads around. That concept, a politician not lying to them, is foreign to them. It's like a round peg going through a square just doesn't fit into their little brains.

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