Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Comic Book Writers Are Morons, Too

From the News that Everyone Already New Department:

Comic book writers are liberal morons, too. It's been pretty evident over the last 10 years, well it all started with the idiotic "Watchmen" in the 80s but now it's just blatant bias in the comics.

The bad guys aren't weird aliens from outer space or scientists gone mad with power.

It's white people. Moreover, conservative white people.

The entire Secret Invasion into Dark Reign story line is nothing but Editor In Chief Joe Quesada and his Hollywood buddies' (just look at all the comic book movies lately, no coincidence) screed against the Patriot Act and anyone that agrees with anything George Bush has done.

Take a look at these two pages from a title called "Thunderbolts":

Page 1
Page 2

That's bias and condescending to the point of absolute ridiculousness. The argument is that white people are too stupid to accept anyone that isn't white. We also, are told through this character speaking, that North Korea is not a threat, it's just all made up to scare us. Our children are the bomb makers...not the suicide bombing attacks all over the Middle East on a daily basis. And anything else Bush said was a lie. The overall main villain in the comic book world today is the white man...and more precisely the white man that isn't an liberal.

It's hard as a comic book fan to be spoken to and insulted directly like this over and over...but I still try to spend more of my money on independent titles like Chew or The Walking Dead...where we're just being told a story and there's some pretty cool art to go along with it.

In some of the message boards and comic buying websites I hang out at, the vast majority of comic readership is liberal. There are a few I've had the pleasure to meet that aren't...but most of them eat this stuff up.

I understand business is business, and they need to cater to the lowest common and least intelligent denominator so they actively seek out liberal goons to write their stories so that when the kid who gets his news from The Daily Show opens up the newest issue, it gets reinforced.

Unfortunate for those of us that just want to be entertained? Yes? Dangerous? Yes.

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