Monday, February 1, 2010

Just Wanted To Clarify My Wikipedia Stance

I just think we can use other sources of information at times. It's too easy to go to "The Website That Shall Remain Nameless" to link to a topic we don't feel like summing up in our posts. But it can be done, we just need to link to other sites.

There's tons of them out there to use other than "The Website That Shall Remain Nameless"

I'm not trying to change THEM, I'm trying to change MYSELF and my posting habits so that I don't rely on them.

I'm not try to take them on and make them "do as I say"...that's what liberals do. They are free to continue being what they are, I don't believe in them, but they can do as they please.

Take a look at my speed test post. I could have easily linked to THIER article on what a D3 or a T1 is, but that information can be found elsewhere. All of it can.

Remember, liberals demand everyone and everything else change so that they're comfortable. I'm changing my own habits to better fit in, I'm not asking them to change for me, I'm asking myself to change for them.

Know what I mean? I hope I was more clear.

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