Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Thought On Avatar

Yeah, it looked good. I think we can continue debating the movie without saying how pretty it was. But, in the parlance of our times, you can put lipstick on a pig...

Those that are able to see past the sizzle and actually enjoy a steak, the movie is flat, formulaic and typical Hollywood fluff.

The white man, fueled by typical liberal self-loathing, needs to strip himself of his own identity, immerse himself into this "world of terrorists" (don't worry that no one bothered to explain *why* these people were terrorists...but put some kind of military personal on the scene and the audience doesn't need to question why these people are terrorists) if some cigar smoking General says they're bad people, we side with the underdog. No exposition was given as to why these were bad, blue people (other than the fact they were of a different "color" than us). Because, to the standard, impressionable community college kid...they eat this stuff up.

Big bad America, innocent blue people, American must kill them for no good reason. I mean, the movie involves zero deep thinking...they tell you what to think right away.

So, there's the first tiny, digestible nugget of "us vs them", the military is bad, the government control of everything is bad (but, uhm...keep voting the Kennedys and Obamas, please).

Also, underneath these "terrorists" is some natural resource the big bad American Amry needs to take. Blah blah blah...George Bush is evil blah blah blah.

I haven't laughed as hard since The Big Lebowski asI did when they named this natural resource as "Unobtainium". Get it! Unobtainable! WOW! Genius!

I'm as big a fan of Weta Workshop as the next Lord Of The Rings geek but I'm still, from last night, trying to wash the stink off from this movie. The LotR trilogy is, far and away, my favorite films to date.

I had honestly thought the whole "We went to war for oil" thing was passe. I didn't think there were any moonbats, other than impressionable kids in college that think their professor is amazing because he has a pony-tail. I guess I was wrong. But, that serves me right, there are still people in Hollywood and academia - yes, the people in charge or your children's education) that think George Bush personally orchestrated the 9/11 attacks for cheap access to Unobtanim.

IMO, this movie was nothing but feel good fluff for kids under the age of 25 who couldn't wait to get back to school and discuss how "deep" the movie was.

I hadn't been to the movies since LotR:RotK. I guess I had forgotten why.


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