Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama Aunt Just Another Massachuseetts Freeloader

Great editorial in the Boston Herald today by none other than the one and only 96.9's Miiiiiiiiiichael Graham!

Barack Hussein Obama has an aunt living in the great Kommonwealth of Massachusetts. That may seem innocuous enough. Zeituni Polly Onyango, seen here on the right during the middle of the day is going to be in a closed door meeting today with Massachusetts officials to figure out how to keep her here illegally forever so she can continue to vote democrat decide her immigration status.

Obama the Messiah having illegal immigrant relatives freeloading in the state is not old news, this has been reported on numerous times. It's just popping up again today because the fix is in meeting is today

Graham says......
Aunt Zeituni donated $260 to her nephew’s campaign for president
Let me quote for you Obama's most recent State Of The Union address: "I don't think American elections should be bankrolled by America's most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities. (Applause.) They should be decided by the American people. And I'd urge Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps to correct some of these problems."

I wonder if Barack Hussein Obama returned the illegal money sent to him by a foreign entity that is not an American citizen. See what I did there? That was rhetorical!

Graham then avers...
She is shamelessly - and happily - living in taxpayer-subsidized housing intended for citizens and legal immigrants. Is there some poor American veteran living in a shelter because she’s got this apartment? Aunt Zeituni doesn’t care - why should she? Menino and the Boston Housing Authority don’t.
If none of this makes you angry, you're hopeless.

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