Monday, February 1, 2010

Obama: "The Buck Starts With Bush!"

I'm bored at work, and need to rant. This post will be nothing but an amalgamation of Lost references, Obama rants aplenty, and what I ate for lunch.

The Lonely Conservative pointed to this article about a month ago, but I'm linking to it now...because I'm slow like that.

By the way, do you watch the show Lost? Remember when John Locke fell down the hole and then the sky turned into different colors and then we went to commercial? When we came back from commercial we saw Sawyer struggling with the rope only to look down at see the hole was never there to begin with, and John Locke had disappeared.

There was no hole Sawyer. We're all a bunch of Sawyers trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist because people fell in love with someone that "was a good speaker".

When the sheep were fooled into voting for this nutbar, people tried to warn them that, "Politicians who stand up on podiums and promise you everything, are politicians that have actually nothing to offer. And in the annuls of history usually are among the worst leaders mankind has known."

They didn't believe us. After all, he wasn't George Bush, and he was going to hold the rope while all of us pulled ourselves up from the pit of terror and consternation we were in. BUT, we are in that hole now.

Ok, that was a bit of a tangent, I hope you kept up and I hope this isn't turning into a TLDR post.

That's what Obama reminds me of.

TLC says it better (about a month ago, but hey...I'm really busy...yeah that's it):
this is what happens when we elect a man with a radical agenda, no governing experience, and nothing to offer but “hope and change.”
-- The Lonely Conservative
Anyway, hit me with it Ed Morrissey.

The reaction today from the White House suggests that they know the spin won’t hold. In the earlier report, Reuters finally admitted that the rise of temp workers may not be a leading indicator of recovery, but a shift in approach by employers spooked by ObamaCare and heavier taxes and energy costs. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis also suggested that companies may be sitting on the sidelines looking for more incentives to hire — a signal that the administration has been giving for months.

Where are those incentives?
The way Obama sees it, the problems he took on — recession, war, health care, a warming planet — were always too huge and complicated to fix that fast.
However, remember how often we were told 9/11 was Bush's fault?

This defective dodo and his voters are nothing but excuses.

Anyway, here's a pretty flower.

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