Friday, February 19, 2010

The "Press Conference"

I'll add to the hype, why not.

I usually listen to the morning sports talk radio out of Boston. Those of you that are from the area know the Dennis and Callahan show to be a lot of fun. I agree with most of their political views and they have a pretty keen eye for sports. This morning the topic was odds of Elin showing up for Tiger's so called "press conference". I use the quotes because this is anything but a presser. It will appear as a presser, but believe me it will be Tiger reading a statement carefully crafted by his expensive PR firm.

Will he be wearing a suit? Or will he be wearing clothing that makes this appearance blend in with every other appearance his ever done - when looked at from history. Will he wear a Nike logo? Will he answer questions?

These are just some of the questions coming before the presser, I am sure that this will leave people with more questions. the Golf Writers Association of America has already announced they will not attend because Tiger is not allowing any questions.


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