Monday, February 8, 2010

Required Reading

I'm sure most of you old timers out there have read "Games Muslim's Play" but to those of you that haven't, go forth now and do thusly. put into words, better than I ever could, everything that I believe to be true about the Muslim religion. So much of the rhetoric and vitriol from the Middle East directed towards Westerners, particularly Americans, is overwhelming.

What's mostly shocking, to me as a future parent, is how much of this rhetoric is repeated in schools. How subtle, and sometimes not so subtle anti-American messages are thrust upon our children in colleges and universities across the country.

I can't imagine ever being in a frame of mind where Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist rhetoric could be used as a touchstone to my own beliefs. But all you need to do is walk onto the campus of any American university and you can see that hatred seeping into our society. These people are trying to undermine our country and our way of life.

It was a practice, up until the election of Barack Hussein Obama, I never thought would come to be reality.

I've never before been scared of my own government. But I am now.

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