Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Story Of Two Worlds

Being a comic book fan there are times when I need to go to a store called "Newbury Comics". They're a mix between Hot Topic and a Gamestop with a comic section in the back. Obviously, the people that lull about work at Newbury Comics know next to nothing about comic books and nearly everything about annoying trucker hats and Hello Kitty. They carry all sorts of anti-Bush bumper stickers, buttons, magnets. They even sell life-sized cardboard cutouts of Barack Hussein Obama and his wife, Michelle.

It's usually staffed by tattooed, nose-pierced liberals teenagers or young adults usually dressed in the most horrifying latest fashions. I actually like the store, because it carries a lot of collectible action figures the occasional geeky toy. And sometimes I'll need to buy a comic there that has sold out at my normal local comic book shop, New England Comics, who happen to be creators of The Tick franchise, the blue guy seen to your left.

An epic clash of ideologies happened when I saw a comic I just HAD to buy.

Let me preface this ditty with the fact that I love zombie movies and comics. From Night of the Living Dead to I Am Legend I eat the stuff up. I've got an impressive zombie movie collection beating out even my animated movies and Kung-Fu movies collections.

Anyway, there's a new zombie title out called "President Evil" (an obvious pun on Resident Evil) where Barack Hussein Obama is the protagonist, adept at killing zombies and restoring order throughout the land. For obvious reasons I neither buy nor read this title.

But the other day I had stopped in to pick up some backing boards and noticed issue number 4 of this book.

I. Had. To. Have. It.

When you see it's cover, and read the rest of the story after the jump, you'll know why. You'll also know why it is now framed and hanging on my office wall as I type.

So, I walked up to the counter almost glowing with anticipation as to how the globule behind the counter was going to react to it. So I walked up and she greeted me, I said, "Hello...just these (handing her backing boards) and the greatest comic book cover I've ever seen!".

She looked at it and the look on her face was priceless. It was as if she was bearing witness to the Loch Ness Monster breaching. She looked at it as if she could not believe such a thing existed on this planet...never mind being sold in that particular store. And she had to ring it up!

It was awe inspiring. It was amazing. It was Ted Williams hitting a home run in his final career at bat ever. It was Perseus pulling Medusa's head from his sack and thrusting it in front of the Kraken's face.

Of course, there's nothing unflattering in the book about Obama. He's the hero of the world, the cover is just playing on that "hope" sign that was going around during the campaign.

In writing this post, I found out that there's been a Clash Of The Titan remake. That's pretty cool!

Iron Man 2, The Wolfman, Whiteout...some good movies coming out!


  1. Yeah we went to see "The Spy Next Door" and for some reason we elected to actually buy cardboard tickets from a living breathing person behind a window this time.

    The girl selling the tickets noticed my tee shirt under my jacket and asked what was on it. So I whipped it out and I think it was the "HOPE HE FAILS" one. The girl next to her just yelped with joy and gave me a huge thumbs-up. The girl selling the tickets got this look on her face, and meekly handed us our tickets.

    Girlfriend says "I think the one that sold you the tickets didn't appreciate that teeshirt too much."

    I said "Yeah, and just think they get to work together in that little tiny booth all day."

  2. You made the other girl's day, and you brought a little bit of cloudiness to the Obama dingus. Two birds, one slogan. :)


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