Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Should I?

In reading that some idiot that heads up the U.N. in it's efforts to combat climate change quit his post, I'm again asking myself, "Why should I?".

Why should I make changes, vast changes, to my lifestyle? Why should I succumb to societal pressure to change the way I live so that I leave a smaller "footprint" on the climate?

How can people still believe anything about so called "global warming"?

The science has been all but debunked. And the IPCC has had to retract more of their idiotic statements than I can even keep track of.

There's no accountability with these people. How do we allow some kind of international body to continue after everything they've done is junk science and lies.

"They" expect us to make such huge changes to our lives, from how we heat our houses to how we drive to work. Al Gore said Washington D.C. will never see more than 7 inches of snow again...ever - because of the damage we have done to the planet. Remember, the planet has a fever.

Not that one would notice if D.C. was open again (because this is the most useless administration the country has ever seen, next to Carter) but I think D.C. got a little more than 7 inches a week or so ago. But again, this administration could be locked out of the White House for a month and they'd still accomplish an equal amount of progress as they would were they actually behind desks. The only thing falling faster than the mercury in thermometers around the D.C. area is Obama's ratings. But I digress...

Only a true-blooded moonbat, dedicated with every ounce of its being to the socialist/leftist agenda of self-loathing still believes any of it anymore.

So why should I make these changes? Until I see otherwise, all I've seen thus far has been lies, misinformation and more lies.

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