Friday, March 19, 2010

Change, Transparency and No More Politics As Usual

Imagine the shady, backroom Chicago style deep-dish democracy going on in Washington with all these "Nay" votes miraculously turning into "Yay" votes.

  • There has been zero transparency.
  • There has been no change from the "Status Quo".
  • There has been no "change".
In fact, this guy is as shady a politician to every be forced upon the majority of the American voting public - and his politics are nothing but politics as usual.

I guess you can take the low-life trash out of Chicago, but you can't take the Chicago out of the low-life low-class, typical entitled "president" who seems to be like Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon Vacation movies

If most Americans knew the first thing about the Constitution of The United States Of America they would, and rightly so, be outraged that they were duped by this snake-oil salesman. They would be outraged by how he seems to be taking every step possible to circumvent the Constitution in order to pass his manufactured Health Insurance Reform Bill crisis. (Please, let's start calling it what it is. It has nothing to do with "care" and everything to do with Heath Insurance. Lobbyists lining up like swine and varmint at the troth of American taxpayer money.

I repeat, at the risk of sounding reduntant...he's a fraud.

Sadly, most "American" know nothing about the they will notice nothing wrong at all.

Hopey, as I will henceforth call this fraud president, is as dubious, dishonorable and dishonest as any president in US history. He's recapitulatory and a flat out liar.

Hiw version of "Change" is to "Change" change the votes through shifty and shoddy backroom deals. Buying off senators and house members at a record rate, Hussein Obama will inflict upon this country "change" we'll live with for the rest of our lives, unfortunately. This is the most important piece of executive legislation to ever come this close to passing, and it scares me. I've lived under Romneycare, and it's destructive and cancerous to the American public as anything I can remember. Of course, I'm only 35 years old - but I know my history. Has anything else come this close to being rammed down our throats?

I again point to the video I posted yesterday, see it again after the jump and have faith in the GOP to make sure these on the take scumbag politicians pay for changing their flip-flopping.

That video makes me feel so warm and happy to see The GOp ready to take the fight to him on the floor when they take out nearly 70% of the dirtballs already seated.

I was worried that after mid-term elections...the GOP would step up and get things going, therefor paving the way for a second Hussein term. Someone at lunch today said that this "president" - without a majority after the midterms - will accomplish nothing and peacefully leave the Whitehouse with minimal damage.

The better half needs a vacation and we're headed to a small bed and breakfast out on the Cape to get out minds off house-buying, flooding and all else.

Does anyone else have something else to make me feel nice and relaxed before I head out for the weekend to the Cape?

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