Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deadpool Is Starting To Officially Suck

Just a copy and paste from my post over at CCL regarding Prelude to Deadpool Corps #1

I thought it was a horrible read, imo.

There was absolutely no story. The quality of Deadpool has hit complete rock bottom.

Girl Deadpool beats up General America, jumps around a bunch of explosions, fires guns and basically does nothing. There are literally pages with nothing but this Deadpool girl dodging bullets and commenting about "Woah, that was close".

Then Deadpool pops out all dues ex machina style and everything's great.

They make fun of Captain America, calling him a "marketing tool" (which is hypocrisy of the highest degree - can there be MORE Deadpool books out there right now?) even non Deadpool books have Deadpool variants. Talk about a marketing tool! Joe Q puts the tool in marketing tool.

Joe Q is pandering to the lowest common denominator: the Michael Bay crowd (even tells you as much in one of the panels).

Deadpool has blasted so far beyond the saturation point, there's nothing left to do but what you saw in this issue.

Draw things exploding and make fun of America. Capitalizing on the same idiocy that got this current moron elected as POTUS.

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