Monday, March 22, 2010

Favorite Lefty Talking Points Today

Here were some of the gems I heard today:

When I posted on Facebook a link to Howard Roark's Courtroom Speech:

why would anybody read this,it's insulting.
You don't open up minds by insults,if anything it shuts people down.[sic]

General discussions:

hate me ...if thats what it takes to move forward, i'll take it.[sic]

i think u can't stand that fact it a democrat in office...plain and simple...[sic]

TOGETHER....why can't we try that for once? im sorry...i extend my bridge that gap has to start sometime so i'll be the first...[sic]

my hand has nothing to do with ur bush...bush put america years behind..but today our prez made big steps ...what did bush do ? just think about how could u support someone who steal an election..theres just so much negative crap that has come from ur party...fraud is a word bush is associated with not obama..[sic]

if it wasn't for a collective effort were would u be right now paul. would you have had a home,a family ? people caring for other people is not the downfall of man as you suggested.its man's love of another that creates freedom..yes, [sic] again

I didn't realize there was anything in the constitution that was against better health care with less wasteful spending? I'll have to read it again.

I think you're a bit over the top with your rhetoric on the president. What has he done to infuriate you so?

That one's my favorite! "What has he done to infuriate you so?".

For starters, the whole wiping-off-his-ass-with-the-Constitution thing. But I really don't need to go on with these people. Looooooooons.

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