Saturday, March 27, 2010

The GOP Shoots Own Foot, Scott Brown and Condos

Some more comments about the GOP treatment of Scott Brown.

I asked this question to some fellow bloggers and how they felt about the ordeal.

Paul from mean ol meany says:

The very day after Brown was elected, I made a comment on a blog, "Is it too soon to start trashing him yet?" and I was promptly bombarded with derogatory comments about why I would want to do that. It wasn't that I wanted to, it was because I knew what was going to happen.

Let me just say this, the ONLY reason that I support Republicans is because they are NOT Democrats. The Democrat Party is the party of sheer corruption and always has been. Thomas Jefferson was a total isolationist even though he loved France to death and preferred to live there. And the Democrats have generally been anti-business. I think that Grover Cleveland was probably the last one to actually promote business, but he did it because the businessmen were paying him to do just that. Check into the amount of money that Andrew Carnegie had to pump into Cleveland's campaign to keep the unions from destroying his steel business.

The Republicans are the ONLY alternative. But still, Republicans are politicians and they are just now getting to the point of realizing that the media information is not restricted to the newspapers and the networks. They realize FINALLY that there is a majority of people in this country that has no use for the federal government except to keep our borders secure and to provide for international trade and that protection. As long as we, as Republicans, continue to run guys like Bob FRACKING Dole and John the McCainiac, we are never going to get close to having the kind of following that the corrupt Democrats have.

Brown seems to be okay, but the Republicans from Up-East lean more liberal, dang just look at Snowe and Collins. He just needs to be reminded repeatedly that there are certainly people in Massholeistan that want freedom FROM government. And it cannot be repeated enough.

I have noticed since around 1988 or so, that Conservatives actually want to legislate their platform as much or more than liberals. This is understandable, but Republicans can push that back to the states. If someone chooses to live in Cali with tax rates through the roof and no chance of anything getting better and Mexicans coming in illegally to sheet rock their entire state, that should be their choice. Or conversely, if someone chooses to live in Texas or New Hampshire (for the time being, anyway) and have lower taxes and less regulation, that is their choice, too. Competition is always a good thing and as long as the federal government runs the show trying to equalize everything, competition is UNpossible.

I agree with him, to a point. Yes, they're politicians, too. But I still believe they're fighting this Healthcare Health Insurance Company Bill on the grounds that The People don't want it.

This is the most corrupt administration I've ever seen...the backroom deals and arm-twisting this non-citizen traitor did to get his bill pass were horrendous to watch - and made me sad for this country like never before. And the liberals don't get it, they still honestly think he's "just trying to help people".

Oh, and my wife and I will most likely be making a final decision to purchase a condo today. With a baby on the way, our current digs just won't make the grade. It's so old, all day long I see things upon which I believe the baby will either paralyze, maim or kill itself.

It's a huge purchase, our first house. A little help from her parents and we'll be outta here!

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  1. Man, that sheet rock comment was funny to me, it does not seem that way now, though.

    Good luck on the house purchase, Paul. Quickly lose your job and fall two months behind and you can get some of your principle forgiven, courtesy of the federal government!!! YAY! Obama!!!


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