Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hope And Change Thingie

So I was browsing the net for a new bumper sticker. I wanted one of those 'How's All that Hope and Change working out for you' bumper stickers and was distracted by some forum posts or message board posts that turned up as results.

I know change doesn't come from a bumper sticker, but I live and work around the Boston area. I already have a 1-29-13 bumper stickers on my car - it's the only one - and being stopped at a red-light on my way to work and seeing some frothing loon-kook liberal behind me blow a gasket because of the sticker is, well, really a feeling I can't compare to anything else.

99% of the Google results actually gave me results I wanted (I had counted on Google hiding those results - like they do in China, and as they did/do with the Michelle Obama picture. By the way, the last time I checked, they have removed it again after replacing it...after initially removing it. Head...spinning.

Anyway, some results were from Yahoo Answers:

How is all that hope and change working out for you?

Hope comes from truth.

And there will be a lot of change this November

It's good to see all these replies from Liberals, good sources lot of great laughs because of their obliviousness, rude replies and justification attempts. He, He, He, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

Anyway..a few comments were enlightening.

Here are two that particularly caught my eye:

1.) I'm guessing, in response to the way everything is being done behind closed doors and the staggering amount of backroom deals and buy-offs this "president" currently thinks he should run the country this guy said it best:

Never do anything in plain sight when you have something to hide.

2.) Liberals, as usual, have nothing philosophically to stand on. So they tend to fall back on the standbys.

Hmmm! Looks like you are one of those Religious, Right, Radical, Extremist, Tea Bagger, 9-12ers.
Thank you. He, He, He.

I'm not anywhere nearly as astute as some of my fellow bloggers (Hey, I'm new at this) but can anyone please point out the "Religious, Right, Radical, Extremist" views expressed in the original question. Of course that question is rhetorical, it simply proves my point that, when liberals have no answers, they use the old "You're a racist" card to:

A) Make sure no big scary black people get angry at them (how many of these liberals actually have black friends...) How many of them have white guilt?

I'm betting more have the latter than have the former.

B) Keep black people subjugated to their party in order to keep their vote.

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