Saturday, March 13, 2010

Matt Damon Is An Idiot

When I watched the third entry to the Bourne series, I felt like a big joke had been pulled on me.

For a few years and two films I thought I was enjoying some good old fashioned James Bond for the 21st century. Then the third one came out and, in between overly drawn-out car/foot/moped chases Damon delivered his Anti-American message. And don't even get me started on the fact that most of that movie is filmed in France, and every single town in that movie looked like mini-Baghdad. Seriously, screw France. Blah blah blah, you know the rest.

Then he said he was scared of Sarah Palin. That unless she could name all the dinosaurs he wouldn't vote for her. He was outraged that some plain Jane might be in the White House etc etc...blah blah blah, you know the rest.

Now he's made some new propaganda vehicle movie where, from what I've read, you (if you're an uninformed Obama voter, that is) might very well find yourself rooting for the Iraqi insurgents as they try to shoot down American war helicopters...because Matt Damon found out some weird, big, bad, spooky secret about the US government. People with brains, however, have been reportedly walking out of the new "movie".

I really can't stand this guy anymore, I refuse to watch any more of his movies. I mean, has there ever been a more Hollywood self-aggrandizing movie than the second Ocean's movie? He's trying his damndest to be the next Paul Newman/Tim Robbins/Sean Penn. He's just not smart enough. He's the perfect example of how one of my favorite aphorisms.

Where have you gone Ronald Reagan? In so many ways, you are dearly missed.

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