Monday, March 29, 2010

Where Does The Real Hatred Come From

Kinda via mean ol meany...

The liberal media would have you think that the Tea Party is full of nothing but hate mongers. Just listen to Keith Olberman:

But check out these signs and see what REAL HATRED looks like...

Ever see any of those kinds of signs at the Tea Party rallies? Nope.

Imagine someone walking the streets with a picture of King Hussein Obama with a noose around his neck??

But the media doesn't show you those signs...wonder why? Could it be because the president is a fraud, was never truly elected in the first place, and has a complete and utter free pass in the media?

The fact is thus: Leftists are the true party of hate. You think they want illegal immigrants to be allowed amnesty out of the kindness of their hearts? You think they want to keep programs like welfare and foodstamps going and going and going because they want to "help" people? Puh-leeease.

No, they want these programs in place so that they can keep people subjugated and to keep them voting Democrat. If they place these people in a position of weakness, and themselves in positions to provide, they have established themselves as merciful, kingly providers...handing out scraps to those they feel deserve it.

That is true hatred.

You keep people beneath your boot so that you can say "Look at us, we want to give you all of this"...meanwhile pointing at the people that want to "teach a man to fish" and say "They want to take it all away from you, they're racist".

That, again, is what hate truly is. And today's particular variety of hate ain't your grandfather's hate. This is the kind of hate that is ingrained and indoctrinated into the minds of the poor and the minds of the easily brainwashed (college kids). Except, they put lipstick all over and call it "care".

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