Friday, April 30, 2010

Michael Graham Is Not An Asshole, Sir. You Are.

So Michael Graham invited some dumb liberal on his radio show (talk radio being, other than FOX News, the only outlet that doesn't parrot the leftist agenda). Here was Mass. State Rep David Torrisi's response.

He then blamed it on his blackberry.

Graham simply wanted to spend 8 minutes talking to this idiot about why he voted against Rep. Jeffrey Perry and his amendment to ban illegal immigrants from getting welfare and other taxpayer-funded benefits. Obviously, the puke Democrat thinks everyone is entitled to it all for free...well, free to them, we pay for it.


In Boston, for Mayday, we have tons of events! Shakira is in town to tell us that we should simply open our borders, and allow anyone in...who cares come on in!

There's also the radical group, "Bread And Puppet" where they plan to talk about the following issues in which they actually believe:
  • Good Jobs Now!
  • Full Rights & Citizenship for the Undocumented!
  • Tax the Rich! Fund Schools, Clinics & Communities!
  • Fund Human Needs Not War & Occupation!
  • Bail Out Workers, Not Wall Street!
  • Solidarity Across Borders, Down with Washington’s Orders!
I added the emphasis. Seriously...all that work your great-grandparents did to get to this country was for nothing. They were simply born in the wrong era. Were the born now your ancestors wouldn't have had to stand in line and apply for citizenship (like every other country in the world requires you to do), get a job and save money for their future and their families.

Were they born now, they could simply sneak into the country illegally and have everything handed to them. Why? Because it's all explained in my last post...the more free rides the Disgusting Democrats scrape off your work-sore back and give to people that have contributed nothing, the more people they'll have voting for them.

Simple concept. "We give you free stuff, they make you work for it. Come to this country (we don't care how, break the law doesn't matter to us!) and we'll hand stuff out to you. They, however, will require you legally register as a citizen (horrifying!!), get a job (tyrannical!!) and contribute to society. So don't vote for them, they hate you because you're brown, yeah."

So, all that work your great grandfathers and mothers did was for nothing. They helped build this country which is now being divvied up and handed out for free. It's sickening.

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