Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Toys, New Condos, New Human Babies

As I anxiously (thank you pharmaceutical companies for the precious gift called "Clonopin") await the finalization of the purchase and sale of my first property, a Condo I am also waiting for my wife to birth my first child and future Republican voter.

I decided to purchase a new little toy I had my eye on for a while now, an Asus EEE pc. My laptop is fine...but I can't believe we've gotten to the point where laptops are too big and clunky. Laying bed, or sitting on my recliner and want to look up the name of a movie or a song or see if some actress ever did a nude scene (Damn you Sofia Vergara, please please please for the love of all that's holy do a nude scene and I can die a happy man. I watch your show, "Modern Family" every week just for you [ok the writing is pretty good, too]) Lookit that, talk about a tree of digression.

Anyway, this thing is great. It's lightning quick, less than 2 and a half pounds and is perfect for it's intended purpose....quick browsing, emailing, and proof: this post was written using it - blogging.

The version I purchased was the 1005hab. It comes with a full version of XP, as opposed to the ones that came with a bare-bones Windows 7 (apparently you can't even change the wallpaper on the Windows 7 ones).

Also, there's also an Ubuntu version made specifically for netbooks called Ubuntu Netbook Remix that, from what I gather from reading some of the posts in EEE user forums, seems to be pretty reliable. I use Debian (the version of Linux upon which Ubuntu is built) at work quite a bit and work on Unix based servers all day long. So I might give it a shot.

Anyone else a "triple-e" user? Like it? Love it? Use it as a doorstop?

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