Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oprah, Casinos and Lily-livered Faux "Presidents"

Scott Brown snubbed the Boston Tea Party claiming that he was "busy serving the people". While, if he's honest, that's true...I'm proud of him. While on the other hand, if he's avoiding it so that he doesn't get associated with what the MSM wants to label as some kind of "extremist group" I'm a bit disappointed. Perhaps he's focused more on those Conservative-Democrats that got Obama elected and views the Tea Party exactly as the MSM does...who knows.

Oprah Winfrey doesn't appear to be all she's cracked up to be.

If you take a look at some of the behavior Miss O may have taken part in it should simply ruin her career. Were any of this information to come out against, say...Sarah Palin, or any other conservative woman I'm sure Katie Couric's lipstick would be flying all over the place "reporting" the "shocking allegations".

To lead in to the next little portion, gaze upon Hussein, Jr. The Governor of the People's Republic Of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts wants to look at casino gambling. As far as I'm concerned it's just another Idiot Tax like the lottery. They tell us all the things we want to hear; "This will create jobs", "This will bring revenue to the state so there's more cops" etc etc. Of course they don't tell us about what they'll do with all that revenue. Obviously they'll line their pig buddies up at the trough and feed. Does your state have casinos? Is the revenue used as it was promised?

Next up, really Hussein? Whether we like it or not? Really?

I can't take it anymore...this guy is an enemy of this country.

What say you, mean ol meany?

On the Brown thingy, I understand that he is attending his daughter's very last college game instead of the Tea Party. He missed some of them while overseas in a war zone. I give him a free ride on that. Unless that is just the front story. Then again, Brown is so much better than Kennedy, you have to pretty much give him a pass on everything, amiright?

Her name is ORPAH, and it is Biblical. The midwife spelled it wrong and it stuck. But, since I grew up pretty close to Kosciusko, I knew that her whole story about her childhood was crap and actually posted about it on my blog once. It is a good thing that Kelley is finally using her ability as a biographer to bring down lying idiots. Maybe that is why Orpah is getting off the air on the networks.

My state of Mississippi has casino gambling and of course, the Democrat controlled state house has never used that revenue wisely. It does help out in the entertainment industry and the tourists trades. I am Catholic, so it makes no difference to me. But, I do wish that the legislature would not try to make it seem that it is the save-all, end-all of bad spending policies.

Yes, I give Brown the pass on this one. After having Chappaquiddick Teddy and his moobs occupying Beacon Hill, in between killing young, drunken girls, for my entire life I'm pretty sure Brown skipping a rally is OK.

After the jump, video of our chicken-shit, Teleprompter Of The United States apologizing for being a successful country ...yeh'sirrr.

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