Friday, April 23, 2010

Rudy Hates Bocci...Mountainside Boogie

Where was all the hub-bub about "Swastika signs" when Bush was in office? Zombie Of The House Pelosi has claimed that Tea Party protesters are Nazis:

Brandeis University is in a bit of hot water. They've had Bill Ayers as a quest speaker who tried to recruit two Brandeis students to commit murder. It seems like the liberals are so full of hate, they've become nothing but a caricature of themselves. It all starts at the University level...all that hate.

Here's an actual picture:

That picture, used for a school-sponsored powwow discussing "The Right from a neo-nazi perspective", is real. This is the type of thinking that goes on in colleges all around the country.

I'm petrified to send my child to these colleges. I luckily graduated and escaped being brainwashed, I can only hope I raise my child with enough sense to see through this kind of bullshit.

There's a saying on the internets called "Goodwin". If someone is engaged in a debate and they get so upset that they start to compare the opposing view or person as Hitler or Nazis they have "Goodwined" the argument and, by rule of the Holy Internet Gods, the argument is over and that person loses.

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