Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wyoming Otter Hunt (Reprise)

As a caveat to my last post in which I stated I don't watch much television save for a few select programs; I need to add that there are certain nights that I can't help but stare up in awe from one of my comic books at the train wreck my wife happens to be watching.

One of which is this "Real Housewives Of New York" thing. My wife has a razor sharp sense of when I happen to be watching these "women" and ask a few questions about their behavior she never fails to crack me up. That's why I love my wife. She's able to make me laugh at something I find truly disturbing and impossible to understand...all while taking time away from my comics.

Good news, rest of the world! Ben LaGuer has cancer! Ben LeGuer is a rapist who befriended Massachusetts' ridiculously inept Governor, Deval Patrick (and a few other of Boston's finest, leading bleeding-heart liberals like Boston University President John Silber and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel).

Big Bad Ben managed to swindle $5,000 from the Guv'nor to help him pay legal fees to get him out of jail (which I'm sure had nothing to do with race and helpin' a brotha out [big-rolledeyes-smilie-face]). This story almost cost Donothing Deval the election, but rape and stuff like that doesn't bother the idiot voters here in Massachusetts. After all, my fellow Kommonwealthers voted the following:

- Get rid of the sales tax: NO
- Allow less than an ounce of marijuana to be a ticket-able offense, instead of an arrest: YES
- Ban dog racing: YES

Now he wants to use this cancer to get out jail. I hope he dies of this cancer, I hope it's painful, long and no one visits him or cares (except for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, President Teleprompter and Cadillac Deval). I then hope his victim urinates upon his grave.

By the way, If I were to go to war, I would want Sayid Jarrah on my side. This guy killed an armed man while sitting down, with his hands tied behind his back using only his legs to snap his neck.

Also, President Teleprompter has had his soft, moist media say many, many times that his "health" "care" "reform" bill will lower costs. Along with everything else The Faux President has said, that's another big fat lie.

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