Friday, May 21, 2010

ACORN? I Thought Our King Wanted Nothing To Do With That?

In my previous post, I mentioned a certain subset of people that possess a certain object.

Those people know what ACORN is and what they're all about. They've all read the stories and have been horrified as to what their tax money helps fund.

Your basic college student...who claims to be educated, informed and politically active have no idea what these people do, what their goal is and what effect they are having on this country. They ignore those facts because it goes against their they dismiss it, or pretend it's FOX News making stuff up as usual, damn that Right Wing biased TV media!

But here we see our King over in India, setting up ACORN offices to help promote the Socialist cause.

Ask your liberal co-worker what he or she thinks about that. They either

A) Didn't know
B) Think it's great

Ask them then, why is it so great if he tries to distance himself from ACORN here in America, does he find it appropriate to try and force a way of life upon another country?

Bet you they have no answer, or try to do some kind of double-speak about "differences in cultures" and "responsibility".

You are then free to punch this person in their genitalia.

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