Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Harvard Duped! Hard Dare Ye!

The young man seen here on the left is in court today here in the People's Republik Of Massachusetts on a 20-count indictment alleging him of forging documents, diplomas and other sorts of academic records to gain thousands in financial aid and grants.

He's being held on $5,000 bail, while a rapist was recently released on his own recognizance. You don't think the establishment would allow some unwashed member of the proletariat to get away with tricking one of their Ivory Towers do you?

Here's some perspective on the world in which we live: He does all these things and winds up in jail, yet Obama's Auntie Zeituni the illegal alien who fleeces the taxpayers of Massachusetts (Section 8, food stamps, medical expenses, etc...) was recently granted asylum.

Obama's sweet little aunt has been ordered out of the country twice, has never been arrested or fined, has never paid a dime in punishments or fees/fines and continues to be a societal leech...extorting money from the state receiving food stamps, free public housing and federal aid.

So there you have it: Lying on a college entry application is a crime but being illegal is not illegal in The People's Republik.

Believe me, the parallels aren't lost on me between this guy forging papers to get into Hah-vahd and another guy forging documents to get into the Oval Office. One guy's just the wrong he's toast.

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  1. The good thing about this Harvard criminal? Maybe it makes folks realize that Harvard isn't what is was one hundred fifty years ago. One can certainly HOPE.


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