Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nude pics of Rima Fakih

I don't have any. Nor have I any pole dancing videos of Rima Fakih.

Instead, I present to you my "Free Pass". If you don't know what a Free Pass is, you need to get one arranged with your significant other right away. A Free Pass is a person, most likely a celebrity, that, were you to meet in real life, your spouse would allow for you to gain of this person intimate carnal knowledge without any consequences from your spouse.

For example, my Free Pass right now is Sofia Vergara:

She can be seen Wednesday nights on a show called "Modern Family", which is hilarious.

This was shameless, unethical blogging. But I don't care, she's hot.

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  1. BOOM! goes the Sitemeter. Trust me.

    Add a post tag that says "Rima Fakih nude," too. Hello twenty thousand hits.


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