Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teleprompter President Helping Teachers Indoctrinate Youth

We've all seen the video of kids singing praise to The Merciful, Almighty Messiahprompter.

If that didn't make your heart swell with pride enough, the illegal immigrant with dual American/Indonesian citizenship Barry Soetoro now has plans for deciding what goes into our children's text books. It is only right that the truth be re-written without bias...and if this country is to unite under The Merciful Barack Obamallah...we need to have books printed and filled with gospel from his very mouth. Then, there will be no room for interpretation, and we can become the pure and true destroyers of invading infidels The Messiah has created us to be. It will be His word...and His word is Truth and Gospel.

I'm sure this will be fine. I haven't seen this administration act in a fashion that would make me frightened for the future of the country at I'm sure if we allow Hussein Soetoro to start writing textbooks our kids will grow up knowing the real truth.

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