Thursday, June 24, 2010


I hate ads.

I am a Firefox zealot. I am also an Adblock Plus zealot.  It is the Droid X of plugins.  If Adblock Plus were contagious it would be whooping cough.  It's the browser addon equivalent to the upskirt pic of Miley Cyrus.  It's the Marissa Miller Guitar Hero ad of things Firefox allows you to do.  It did for internet browsing what parachute pants did for MC Hammer.  It does for surfing speed what Sophia Vergara and  Brooklyn Decker does for my funny bits.

With that said, I just wanted to say that I've added some ads to my site.  It is your choice to see them, I'm sure most of you don't.  I don't blame you a single bit.

I only post an ad in the post if it's relevant to the topic I'm talking about, maybe a link to a book that extrapolates upon that which I'm ranting.  Or perhaps a link to a DVD or Bluray...etc.  They aren't blinking pop-ups, or animated gifs.  Just simple links with an image.

If you happen to find something you like, cool.  If not, cool.  Other than to obviously raise a buck or two (baby on the way, new home etc) I'd truly and honestly like people to get more information.

In one of my more recent postings, I found two magazines that I bought.  So, it ain't all that bad.

See, here's a hot girl...does she look upset?  No...and that is a hard fact, sir.  Proof, even.

Didn't think so.

Oh, lest I forget.  If anyone is reading this blog (doubtful) and you're female...I ask you this.  Does Hugh look upset by subtly placed, relevant ads?

No, he does not thank you very much.

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