Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Round Of Golf For The Clown President

The King of the Idiots - elected by The Idiots, For The Idiots played another round of Golf yesterday, making that 39 rounds of Golf since "the most environmental president since Roosevelt" absolutely destroyed the environment. This guy is no slouch. He's a shoe-in for Cousin Eddie if there's ever another National Lampoon's movie. But Chevy Chase is a Doucheasaurs Rex and Beverly D'Angelo isn't that hot any more.

Also, 71% say Obama is "too soft on BP". Out of that 71% let me ask...how many know that Obama received millions from the big bad oil company? How many, also, know that it was Obama that gave them the green flag to install all that equipment that is currently devastating The Gulf? And lastly, do you really still support this guy?

Of course he's going to be soft on BP. He caused this and is responsible for it, why would he rock the boat more than necessary? Sure he'll wag his finger, look angry, tell us how "This just ain't right, I'm gonna kick ass". But he'll do nothing of any substance, because he brought this into being by cutting corners, practicing nepotism and by scratching the backs of one of his biggest lobbyists. Chicago politics at it's best baby.

I know these people don't...of course, those are simply anarchists pretending to care about politics. I mean, there's a fucking guy wearing a mask, covering his face! Unless you're the Green Lantern, Zorro or Spider-Man, if you need to put on a mask to do yo thang, you are not pure of heart.

Insert requisite comment that the MSM is just simply refusing to report this story accurately here.

So the above kooks are shocked, SHOCKED, Obama is a fraud. I find it hard to believe no one told them as such before they voted for him (I wonder what percent of those protesters had ever exercised their right to vote before King Barry Soetoro was running).

Oh, and by the way...everything is taking a big, fat turd right now...pre-1940s style. Thanks Libs! You're AWESOME!

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