Friday, June 18, 2010

Hillary's Gonna Sue Arizona

So our precious little Hillary KKKlinton announced that the government has plans to sue the state of Arizona.

I just read this a few times...and still don't see how she along with The Axis of Taxes plans on actually doing it.  Is there legal precedent for the federal government suing states for exercising rights granted to them via the Constitution?

Isn't this fucking country built upon states rights?  This is positively infuriating...this administration is, as I've said many time, a complete and utter enemy of this country.  He hates it, he hates her citizens and he hates the freedoms afforded us by this piece of paper, which to him is even less important than his birth certificate.

Anyone with more than a bowl of cornflakes in their cranium knows that the Democrats want illegal immigrants in the country so that they can give them free shit (paid for by the middle class, that the Democrats despise so much).  They give them free shit, tell them that if they vote for Republicans they will lose their free shit, because Republicans are "raaaaaaacist".  It's been the modi operandi of the Left for as long as I can remember.

It's also modernized slavery, as I've said before.

Those of you that voted for Obama...I really hope you're happy.  I'm sure you are, sadly.  You want to keep the Democrats in power anyway, so what do you're the elite, you don't have to worry about the things the middle class does.  It eased your white guilt a bit to vote for this guy.  And sadly, you gave us one hell of a future...if one even exists by the time this guy leaves.

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